Instagram rolls out an AMOLED dark theme on Android


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Dark themes are becoming extremely popular in recent months thanks to both Google and Apple adopting dark modes in Android 10 and iOS 13 respectively. While Google has added dark themes to most of its apps, third-party apps are taking more time to adopt dark themes on Android. Instagram, for example, has historically not supported a dark mode, which frustratingly results in what I like to call a “flash-bang of light” when opening the app. Finally, though, the latest alpha update of the Instagram app on Android has added a dark theme. Better yet, it’s an AMOLED dark theme so the background colors are black.

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IMG 20190926 001317

This dark mode isn’t perfectly dark in all parts, but it does theme the majority of the UI elements in Instagram. While the black background color doesn’t really save battery life over the dark grays you’ll find in many Google apps, it can make it more enjoyable to scroll through your Instagram feed at night. There’s a nice contrast between the black and gray parts, making content easier to see without changing the actual content. This means that bright pictures are still going to be bright while any white in pictures will still be white. As you can see in the screenshot gallery below, the new UI is definitely much darker overall.

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