Another Google app gets the ‘Dark Mode’ treatment before Android 10 rollout


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Google has been hard at work this year, brining the much-requested ‘Dark Mode’ to several of its apps including Messages, YouTube, Maps and more. While most of them have received it already, one of the apps that didn’t really get the ‘Dark Mode’ treatment was Google Pay. Now, this app has also received the same theme. The update comes weeks before the rollout of Android Q or Android 10, which also supports system-wide Dark Mode.

As found by Android Police, Google Pay’s new Dark Mode comes as a part of version number 2.96.264233179. The app is said to automatically enable the dark theme when the handset does in the battery saver mode.

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Look-wise it has been mentioned that the app is not completely black but more of a dark gray tone. The ‘G’ in G Pay icon on top stays coloured and the tabs at the bottom with ‘Payment method’ and ‘Pass’ buttons are in light blue-ish tone. From the activity page to the one where all your saved cards are shown, the app has a uniform theme. It is said to be in the process of rolling out on the Play Store and you may get the app after a few days.

With Google Pay receiving the ‘Dark Mode’, the company seems to have covered pretty much all the major apps. Some of the apps that have got or will get the new theme as a part of Android 10 include Google Fit, Google Photos, Google Keep, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Chrome, Google Calculator, Google Discover Feed and more.

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