PUBG Mobile Season 9 Leaks suggest Kar98 Skin, Dacia Skin and new


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PUBG Mobile developers keep their players hooked on to the game by bringing in new content updates that feature a lot of new skins, outfits, etc. The end of PUBG Mobile Season 8 is around the corner. Pictures of some items are leaked online like every time have a look at the leaked pictures.

Session 9 Outfit

According to information put out by whistleblowers, the new outfit seen in the picture below will be exclusively available in Season 9 and all PUBG Mobile players will be able to receive it by completing a few missions.

The new Season 9 Outfit

Kar98 Skin

Data miners have found that a new Kar98 skin is about to be released in the upcoming season. If our sources are right, it could be expected that the stellar-looking skin seen below would be available only for Royale Pass owners.

Kar98 Skin

Season 9 Parachute

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A new parachute skin with a Season 9 logo is also set to release soon and leakers have mentioned that the skin could be claimed after reaching the Ace Tier in the new season.

Season 9 Ace Parachute

Dacia Skin

Just like the Kar98 skin, this new Dacia skin seen below can also be acquired only by those players with a Royal Pass.

The Dacia skin

Season 9 Airplane Finish

The new season is also set to bring along the new airplane skin seen below.

Season 9 Airplane Skin

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